How Important is Your Site’s Content

There are two ways to think about your site’s content. For those business who do lots of advertising and need a beautifully designed website, then the amount of content is not a big factor, but the QUALITY of the content is a big consideration.

For local businesses that are looking at doing more of an organic strategy to getting clients or perhaps are doing a lot of off-line advertising, such as billboards, flyers, referrals, then the content on their website might need to be a bit more strategic and lengthy.

Most of their website visitors will be landing on their homepage in order to learn more about what the company offers or the quality of their business. This is where the right content does the work for you.

The right content doesn’t just inform potential clients about what type of services you provide, but it also helps them understand what makes your business different and better than the competition.

It’s important to set the right tone and to really help potential customers make a decision to choose your company. Below are some of the biggest mistakes I see one business websites.

  • There is not enough content on the site. Your website speaks for your company. When you don’t have enough content on your pages, it doesn’t do enough to inform or catch the attention of visitors to your website. It’s important to have good, engaging, and informative content throughout your site.
  • The content on your site is vague and has no real voice for potential customers to connect to. Depending on your niche, the voice may not matter as much, but vague content can leave visitors to your site confused and frustrated, leading them to click off of your site and onto your competitors site.
  • Your website’s content is repetitive. So, I see this a lot with people who have worked on their own website. Business owners, who want to fill their site with content sometimes resort to just including duplicate content throughout their website. This isn’t good for a couple of reasons. One, it may appear to customers that there wasn’t that much effort put into the website. And, two it just doesn’t do good things in terms of placing you at the top of the rankings. Search engines may see it as spam and penalize your site, or simply rank it lower because it does not offer anything new.