Small Business Website Redesign- Chula Vista Junk Pros

I will admit that I love when a former client is so happy with the work you’ve done that they refer you to other businesses. This is the case with Chula Vista Junk Pros. They were referred to us by JM Roofing for a website build and content.

We absolutely love working with local businesses because we can give them that personal touch that nationwide companies just do not provide. Now, junk removal isn’t glamorous, but they do provide an important service to people so we wanted to make sure that we designed a great website to help them communicate about their business to potential clients, but also helped them convert more visitors to their website into customers.

construction debris junk removal

Their original website was a one-page site with minimal information on it. One of the positives of their original design was the online form to request a free estimate. This showed me that they understood how to give their customers multiple ways to reach out to them.

They knew they wanted to convey one major thing. They really wanted to make clear how professional the work they did at every job is. They know customers might have an impression that junk removal companies don’t take the same level of precautions as other home services might in terms of protecting the work area and being careful not to damage things. They feel this differentiates them from other junk removal companies in the area.

They don’t take junk removal lightly. They understand that every job needs close attention in order to prevent damage to the surrounding work area. Just because they are hauling junk, does not mean that the work they do is careless.

It was important to convey this clearly because they also were targeting their marketing efforts at property managers, house flippers, and foreclosure managers. They knew their website had to communicate a high level of professionalism they bring to all of their junk removal and property clean out jobs. They also wanted to show how well they work as a partner in meeting the goals of the property managers or real estate investors.

So, with those objectives in mind, we made sure the design would satisfy the needs of homeowners and businesses looking for quick junk removal help. And, design a website that would also speak to the needs of property managers, real estate investors and foreclosure managers.

We included click to call button, customer forms to request a free referral on every page, much more content to highlight all the services Chula Vista Junk Pros offers and lots of visual proof of the results they can help their customers achieve. We wanted customers to know the variety and scale of the jobs they could take on.

We highlighted the needs residential junk removal and hauling as well as commercial junk removal and hauling. And, again, we definitely highlighted the services they were targeting such as property clean outs, foreclosure cleanup, hoarding cleanups, light demolition, tenant clean outs and more.

Overall, the website redesign helped them stand out as an authority in the field and as one of the most professional local companies.